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Eagles are Born to Fly High!!!

Work on yourself to become approachable. A military personnel’s body language, tone, and words become coarse during the period of the service. Hence, you need to work on these aspects.

("5% of the proceeds from this book wiil be utilized for the benefit of war injured Soldiers")

Ganesh Ramalingam

Ganesh Ramalingam had served the Indian Air Force for fifteen years before he took a giant leap to transform himself from a disciplined Defence lifestyle into a dynamic corporate and civilian life.

He started his career in the corporate as a Sales Executive and climbed up the ladder to his present role as the Director of Sales.

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Decode the Myths & Mysteries of Military Transition

This book serves as a guide to the returning soldier to settle down in life and find a fulfilling second career. Many corporates look to hire people from Armed Forces for the values they bring from the Defence Forces. However, they prefer to hire corporate ready soldiers for employment.

Who is a corporate-ready soldier?

In Eagles are Born to Fly High, Ganesh Ramalingam unfolds the challenges a returning soldier undergo during the transition phase. Ganesh recommends that the soldiers must prepare themselves well for a smooth transition into the unfamiliar environment. The easy to follow 21 Proven Steps to Successful Transition from Battlefield to Boardroom forms as a Success Guide for the soldiers who are on the verge of hanging their uniform. Proven success tools such as building a personal brand around their strengths and personality type come to their rescue. A returning soldier also needs to build a robust online presence to grow his influence in the corporate. Additionally, there are array of opportunities available in the job market and guidance to choose the job role that best suits their strengths.

A must-read book for all uniformed personnel aspiring to lead a successful life as a civilian after their services to the nation.

21 Proven Steps to successful Transition from Battlefield to Boardroom is available for download in ebook format for free for a limited period.

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