5 Points to Ponder Before Deciding to Leave Defence Services


There are so many soldiers who want to hang their uniform and leave behind their glorious services to the nation. Their aspirations have changed over a period and they dream about leading a life as a civilian for the rest of their life.

A lot of them had joined the Defence Services for various reasons such as passionate to serve the mother nation, economic reasons, family reasons, etc. Eventually, each and everyone are groomed well and initiated as a warrior. A pride that lives during their living years and beyond.

While the above fact holds true, at times, it so happens that a few warriors had to take a hard decision to hang their uniform various personal and professional reasons. While arriving to this decision, they go through a tremendous mental pressure as they are most of the time uncertain of the future and moreover, the life in Defence Forces gives them enormous privileges despite many hardships. Most of the time the decision to continue the services outweighs the decision to move into the civilian life and the vice versa too is true.

The important factor is once a warrior arrives at a decision, he is required to make a course correction of the direction of his life and direct his focus on the path he has chosen. Whereas, his mind keeps wandering and at times leads to self-doubt about his decision to continue or leave. This article is focused to address this issue and provide some insight on the other side of the unknown world for the soldier, so that he is well equipped to take a well-informed decision that he can own responsibility.

First and foremost, the decision to continue their service is the most desirable one. However, one needs keep himself healthy and fit to render best of his service. The Forces needs agile soldiers and a solider who desires to continue the service must live up to the expectations and call of the duty.

Secondly, in any case he decides to leave behind his services, there are many aspects that he needs to consider before evening arriving at such decisions. Any hasty decision without proper preparation might lead to a bitter situation in personal life and may hurt the economic aspects. The life as a civilian is quite different from that of the Military life. One needs to invest his time in acquainting himself with all the positive and negative aspects in the civilian world before even taking a decision to plunge into the vast ocean of civilian life.

While there are many aspects, five major aspects after a collective assessment is given here that must come handy to arrive at a decision to continue the service or step into the mystical civilian world. You must consider the below five important questions before deciding to hang your uniform. You will also repeatedly come face to face with these questions everywhere you go :

  1. Are you leaving the service as you are not able to cope up with the stressful life in the military services? 
  2. Why do you want to go from a more secure life to the uncertain civilian life?
  3. Is it because you wanted to get back to your family?
  4. Is that because life in the Defence services has become monotonous compared to the variety in the civilian life?
  5. Did your financial aspiration change and are you excited about many opportunities in the civilian world?

Give sufficient time to retrospect the above questions. You need to assess these questions and assess the uncertainty that is involved in moving to the unknown domain. 

At times, you might be overwhelmed and that could lead to over-confidence. It is good to write down all the pros and cons of both the world. If possible, get your answers assessed by some of your close friends who can provide more insight. Never be hasty only to repent for the rest of your life.

Once you have made a thorough retrospection, you will arrive at a clear answer that will guide you to the next steps of your life. 

If you have found your answers, leave your thoughts in the below comment. There could be many other who might be inspired by your decision. 

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