Corporate Career Options for the Military Men in Transition



There are various career options and opportunities a military man can seek in the corporate world after their service to the nation. Just as branches and trades in the military, these are specialized, skill and academic based career. Each job demands a specialized skill and experience. When it comes to address the career options for a soldier who is aspiring to transit into a civilian career, he stumbles upon limited available choices for him once he hangs the uniform and adorns the civilian life.

The experience and expertise you had gained over so many years suddenly renders redundant right away. This is a challenge every individual who is transitioning faces.

The foremost question that arises is what kind of job or profession do a Defence personnel qualify for in the corporate world. Let us look at a few professions that one can seek as a starting point. As you gain experience, there are gamut of careers that you can draw upon from the experience from military. As a fresher into the corporate, it is prudent not to show or rely upon the prior experience as that will become a hindrance in your career progression. Even as you grow in your career, these must show up in action and not by walking around to explaining people about your expertise in the past. These does not carry any bearing on your present career.

The important point you must bear in mind is it is your responsibility to reskill or upskill yourself to any career you are considering. Below paragraphs considers a few of the job opportunities you might consider besides opting for Human Resources, Security or Administration.


Sales as a career is challenging and the at the same time highly rewarding. This profession requires a person to be self-driven, ability to work autonomously, success oriented, revenue maximizing approach and possess an outstanding communication skills and presentation skills. Salespersons are the face of an organisation to the outer world of the organisation. Hence, the role requires the individual who are highly committed, high integrity and self-motivation. This career is financially rewarding, and the possibility of growth is high. There is literally no limit for the earning potential. The better you perform, the more you can earn. The sales role and your military background can open wide range of opportunity with the organisation. You can further move into related roles such as sales training, brand management, etc. The qualities the Defence life had inculcated in you will eventually add up to the experience as you gain more experience in the sales role. The industries where you can look for sales roles are financial, pharmaceutical, logistics and a few IT companies.

Customer Relations

Customer relations role is also a highly demanding job. Candidates with good communication skills, customer success approach are highly preferred for this role. Your skills for keeping other persons view in mind will help a great deal in your success in this role. Many new age industries such as transport and fold delivery aggregating companies and the contemporary industries such as logistics, real estate, BPOs and KPOs are a good choice for seeking opportunities.


Manufacturing management roles are one of the good places to begin a career after serving in the Defence services. This role requires a strong relationship quality. A successful candidate sometimes may require a thorough understanding of maintenance of mechanical, electrical, and related devices that are found in a manufacturing company. As these units are majorly labour intensive, it requires a strong management quality to motivate the work forces. Also, it requires the individuals to adapt to changes. There is many new equipment introduced to enhance productivity. As a production manager, you will be expected to mobilise the work force, work on maximising their efficiency, and in turn increase production at a lower cost and improved quality.

Operations Management

The operations role mainly consists of general management of day-to-day functions of the corporation. It demands a high deployment of leadership, communication, and people management skills. The specific execution differs from industry to industry and company to company within a specific industry.

Next Steps…

All you are required to do is prepare yourself well to portray yourself as the best candidate for the role you have chosen to apply for. Be open to unlearn your already learnt skills and keep looking for opportunities to learn all the time.

Most companies are hesitant to hire a veteran, mostly due to a possible misfit of their experience into the role they have in hand.

Your responsibility is to provide them all necessary evidence that you can perform at your best ability and to the best of your efficiency that the job role demands from a candidate.

Once you prove your worth to the role, an array of opportunity will open for the juniors who will be joining the bandwagon in the future days. Remember, you are the brand ambassador for the future aspirant and that is a huge responsibility on your shoulders. Once you have proven your worth, your own top executives might request you to refer many soldiers for various other roles within the organisation.

Finally, there are numerous opportunity available in the corporate world. It is your responsibility to make yourself eligible for those jobs. Your success is defined by the maximum distance you are willing to walk to better yourself!

Also, these options mentioned above are only for those who are looking to work as an employee in an organization. We shall later investigate greater depth for those aiming to set on a journey as entrepreneur, specialised professionals, and so on.

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  1. Avatar for Ganesh Ramalingam S Neelakantan : August 22, 2020 at 3:56 pm

    Wonderful. Wish this reaches the corporates, civilian colleagues, family and children in particular and the values of veterans are respected.

  2. Agreed Ganesh sir, but now the society is taking advantage of our qualities as soldier and utilising for their benefits. Now the society is changing our values rather then changing themselves. In this situation values we acquired from Airforce is nowhere can be implemented in Civil Society.

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