Crack The Sales Code


Today, I thought to take my readers on a different journey. In this journey, we travel a long distance on a treasure hunt that will help us crack the sales code. 

We need a rocket for this journey as this journey is all about speed and precision. You will never be able to gather the code by walking or running. Hence, we need this special vehicle – ROCKET.

A rocket has a unique feature – A rocket goes up with tremendous power and speeds only when there is a fire in its bottom. 

I invite you for the journey of the treasure hunt. Welcome aboard the Sales Rocket. Let us get on a power-packed journey to the universe of power selling! Are you ready?

Great! Here is our itinerary… In this journey, we shall visit four superpower stations.

1. The Power of Reputation

2. The Power of Real Passion

3. The Power of Research

4. The Power of Resource Management

 At each station, we shall unlock one Sales Code that will take us one step closer to our destination called “MASSIVE SALES”. 

Now, sit straight… close your eyes

We are now hovering over our first Superpower station… Please open your eyes…Let us take a look below. I see the Power of Reputation… The first and the foremost step towards a successful career in sales…. With the power of reputation, a sales superstar can blast past the number-one barrier in all selling situations – Suspicious of being cheated with the wrong product, wrong price, lousy service so on. Because buyers carry heavy baggage burned by many salespeople, salespeople are forced to live by the Napoleonic Law: You are guilty until proven innocent. So, what is the best strategy to overcome buyer suspicion? 

Build a solid personal identity – Spend at least two hours to work on your strengths and weakness as a salesperson.

  • Know who you are. 
  • Believe you can be better. 
  • Invest in your credibility. Go buy a new suit, dress, or accessory to upgrade your image today.

Let us embark on a lovely journey to our next destination. 

The journey begins now…. Please straighten your seat… close your eyes…

Now, we have reached our second superpower station – THE POWER OF REAL PASSION. Come on in… let us enter the power of supercharged Selling State.

Supercharge your psychology with positive thoughts, especially when you are with your potential clients. You first sell your state and the buyer decides to buy or not buy your product. If you are in a positive mindset the buyer instantly buys your state and you spend less time giving information about the product.

To stay supercharged, spend one hour every day on your sales fitness. Supercharge your physiology – Get adequate sleep, drink plenty of water, aerobic exercise helps in building energy reserve, give attention to nutrition intake, keep your body flexible.

Are we ready to travel to our third destination? 

We are now about to learn The Power of Research. Prepare Well! Or Feel the Pain!

Information is Power. You feel confident when you have done sufficient research and obtained information about the customer and his business. 

Become a skilled diagnostician during the meeting. Follow the four principles that doctors follow :

1. Diagnose before prescribing

2. Determine the patient’s pain level

3. Understand complex selling environments

4. Develop great questioning and listening abilities

Finally, provide your solution.

Ladies and gentlemen… please straighten your seat and close your eyes

We are now landing on one of the most powerful stations – The Power of Resource Management. Increase your sales by effectively utilizing this tool.

Have a Strategic Business Plan! The only difference between successful and average salespeople is the way they plan. If you fail to plan; plan today to fail. Your plan should be associated with a specific time frame.

Set a sales volume goal. Identify your income goal.

Sales Funnel Management. Generate sales funnel through personal marketing and telephone engagement. For those, you have not heard about funnel management. It is a database structured in a way that prioritizes potential buyer in different stages of the sales process. It helps in concentrating on your critical few potential buyers who are close to the buying stage. Pareto’s Principle or the 80 / 20 Rule applies here. 20% of the total activities you engage in will result in 80% of your sales results. Identifying and concentrating on the critical few every single day helps you manage your limited time and lead to Sales Success!  

From this point forward, it is you who can reach your destination to achieve success in sale and life!

Now let us together announce the world we are coming…. Let them hear our energy. The energy of the Sales Super Stars!

NOW, YOU ARE ROCKET SINGH! The Salesman of the Year!  


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    Good one. Keep writing more.

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