Little Changes That Will Make a Big Difference with Your Transition from Military Services – The Long-Hidden Secret Not Revealed till Date


The Need for Transition

Transition from military services to the civilian world is always overwhelming for those warriors who have served the nation for a longer period.

The very need for putting oneself through a transition process is not widespread amongst the service personnel during their service. It is particularly important to understand that the lifestyle between these two are a world apart.

Difficulties in Transition Phase

There are difficulties individual undergo during transition phase. A deep education on what one can expect in the civilian world and how one need to be equipped to face the transition phase becomes pertinent.

There are stages for how and when a soldier who decides to hang his / her uniform need to prepare for a smooth transition into civilian world.

How long does it take for Transition?

First and foremost, point to address is you must have taken this extreme step after weighing all the pros and cons between continuing your service vs ending your service. If you are determined to hang your uniform, you require a minimum of two years before you set your journey into civilian life.

A question may arise in your mind, “Why do you need two years’ time?” It takes time to learn anything new. This applies to the process of your successful transition into the civilian life.

Training of the mind to adopt change is a humongous task. Your minds need to be trained to accept such changes. This process is technically called as Change Management. That is the reason training in any form is utmost important to earn any new skills. A well-designed training not only opens awareness, it also helps in learning any subject to its depth so that you are mentally well prepared when you face an unknown situation in actual life.

Ways to Prepare in Advance for a Successful Transition

In your case, it is not just change in career. Your decision to transition into civilian life also involves a total change in your life and lifestyle. Nothing you have known till date is going to come to your help in the new life you are setting into. Hence, it is utmost important to prepare yourself in advance so that your transition to the civilian life becomes smoother. When I say prepare, it is not just on vocational training; it also involves a lot of changes in the thought process and the way you approach people or any situation.

The most needed step that will set you towards a successful transition lies totally upon you. Though, there are people who can help you, the responsibility to accept the reality and your openness to learn new things lies totally on you.

Various Steps to Perform Self-Analysis

The first step is to perform a thorough self-analysis. Get yourself a notebook and write the below aspects in the notebook:

  1. Write down all your strength. It could be from any area of life. It could be small or big. It really does not matter. Writing down all strengths will give you an understanding of what you are as a person at this stage of life.
  2. Once you have written down your strengths, leave a blank page so that you can come back and expand the list as you progress further.
  3. Now, write down the areas you think you need improvement. It could be your personality, the skills or knowledge you would like to acquire, improvement in your abilities, etc.
  4. Perform a thorough research of people who can help you in the areas you need improvement. Reach out to them and seek their guidance. Identify courses that will help you in acquiring the skills that will add up to your strengths.

The Need for Upskilling

Once you have done the exercise, you will become aware of what you are good at and what you can do more to become the person you wanted to be. There is no such thing as weakness. Weakness is only lack of knowledge on the skill that you wish to learn. The moment you acquire that skill, it naturally becomes

your strength. Hence, always rely on your strengths to perform your daily activities besides continuously upskilling the areas you are not so good at.

Focussing on weakness will render you weak and will not portray your best self. Hence, always focus on your strength and you will always be energetic and becoming the better version of yourself.

The next step is to enroll yourself with a training institution to learn all that is required to improve your skills. Once you have done this, kickstart your presence online. The best professional network today is LinkedIn.

How Professional Networking Portals Can Help You?

LinkedIn is a professional network where people portray their professional skills. The stronger your profile, better the opportunity for you. Many corporate companies now search for talents on LinkedIn. Hence, sign up for the LinkedIn subscription. It is free.

While you are undergoing courses, start preparing a resume that portrays the best of your ability. Use more words that the civilian world will resonate with. Translate all your achievements into civilian terminologies. You can refer to resumes that are available online. Do not worry about preparing the perfect resume. You can always make changes as and when you feel. Also, get a photo clicked in civilian attire. Now, start feeling like you are already in the civilian life without losing your focus on the present life.

Planning Your Financial Health

Set aside a time for planning your financial aspects. Look at your savings and be very truthful to yourself. Whether you will be able to sustain during the days when you might not have income for a few months. This is very crucial, and this is the stage where many people fail and suffer a lot of financial and emotional turmoil. You need to have at least six months of emergency fund besides the long-term savings you already have.

Ways to Expand Your Personal Network

While you are approaching the date of completion of service, start approaching your friends, relatives, placement companies to consider your resume for a job opportunity. Attending interview at this point could be a difficult task. Nevertheless, if you can manage a few days leave to attend interviews will help.

Final Words

There are many industries and job roles you can consider based on the skills you have acquired in the last two years. Hope you will find a job role that suits the best of your ability.

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