Smart as Owl!


The tiger was hungry. He was standing still and looking out for his prey. His eyes were attentive and ears all alert. The body was all set to get in motion at the very sight of his prey.

Outwardly, he appeared calm and complacent, while his hunger was growing exponentially and making him restless inside. An onlooker might interpret (or misinterpret) that the tiger is lazy and whiling his time. He did not have an option but to wait for the prey to be visible. He had travelled a long way in search of his prey. He had to conserve his energy for that moment of attack.

 It was then, an owl that was sitting on a nearby tree, observed the stationary tiger. The wise owl was puzzled to see the tiger not doing anything. He was wondering how can someone waste their time in this manner. He waited for some time. His wise mind could not take this anymore. He decided to motivate the tiger. Give some tips from his own treasure of wisdom!

The owl called out the tiger and asked if there is any help the tiger would require. He told the tiger that he is looking unmotivated and looks like he lost his mind. The smart owl, explained that he needs to be active and he can never reclaim the time lost he is wasting now.

The tiger was getting impatient. His hunger was getting intense.  The owl was continuing with his wisdom. He pointed towards a faraway distance where other animals were grazing. He pointed over there and encouraged the tiger to learn from those animals. He proudly told that how these animals are busy grazing the grass or keeping themselves busy with some activities. The tiger was getting more impatient. Yet, he answered the owl that he is not designed to be that way. He pointed that those animals were living in a farm and are being provided everything within their reach. But, he was designed to hunt for a living. The owl mentioned that it’s all tiger’s mindset and advised him to do what others are doing instead of whiling and wasting his time.

The tiger was losing his temper. He just did not want to react. His eyes were fixed at a long distance; waiting for his target to show up. He was clear in his mind. But, realized that there is no point explaining the owl at this point. He is only going to lose his focus by spending time in explaining to the owl.

The time passed by and the owl’s preaching was reaching beyond the threshold of tiger’s patience. For a moment, the tiger felt like thrashing the owl. He resisted. He knows this one moment of impatience could lead him to a soured relationship with the owl. At the same time risking his chances of missing his target.

The patience did pay back. He spotted his prey at a very far away horizon. The sharp eyed owl could not notice this. He was deeply indulged in his lecture.

The tiger did not waste one moment. He set in motion instantly in the direction of his target. He knows, at this pace he will hit the target in a few moments. All his patience and focus is going to pay off.

The owl watched the tiger pacing ahead with his best efforts. He was proud of his own skill to bring in the change in tiger’s behavior. The transformation he brought in the tiger – from laziness to enthusiasm. He wore a content look on his face. He is convinced that there is no one as SMART AS OWL on this earth like him!

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