The Closed Gate


It was just then when arrived the railway crossing, I observed the gate was already closed. I switched off the bike and started waiting for the train to pass.  

Many other bikes reached the railway gate thereafter. Most of them were seeming to be impatient. They pushed their vehicles into the opening under the railway gate. They seem to be having no civic sense. Leave alone the civic sense, they were not bothered about the danger to their own lives. 

I was watching this chaos while I was patiently waiting for the train to pass. My adherence to social values did not allow me to indulge in what others were doing. I held my calm, though these trespassers attitude was annoying me I was taking deep breaths to keep my cool. 

Time elapsed. It could have been around 15 minutes I was wondering, why the gate must be closed for such a long time. Closing for such long time will only accumulate more traffic. I looked around and continued waiting for the train to pass. 

I looked at the control cabin. The operator too has been absconding after closing the gate. What kind of an irresponsible person he could be?  

Eventually, there was this person who was walking across. He approached me and asked me as to what I am waiting for. I gave him a disappointed look and told the obvious reason I am waiting there for so long. 

He replied, “Sir, it has been ages that any train has passed on this track. The operation on this line has stopped long back and the gate is closed forever”.

Now, it was my value system and I grinning looking at each other for the long wait there. 

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