The Red Box


I dropped the letter in the post box.  I wrote this letter to my old friend whom I had not met in many years. The post box swallowed my letter and sitting there with its ever innocent look.

This post box (or red box) sometimes makes me think how come it can be calm and innocent all the time while the letters it swallows carry numerous emotions. It indeed swallows all the emotions only to transfer these emotions to someone somewhere far away from its place. Each letter it swallows is packed with so many emotions and events. Even a single letter from its box cannot miss reaching the destination. An undelivered letter could damage someone’s life forever. It could lighten up someone’s life. The red box knows all these and yet sits there so composed. 

The red box holds so many private and secret messages in it. It holds the emotions of the real people. Some of these are messages to convey happiness, change in a life event, the birth of a child, marriage of someone’s youngest daughter, information about their ailing parent or just a simple routine mail.

Letters have been my lifeline while I was away from my home for the first time as a teenager. It had remained so, during the years I was away from home even after the widespread of landline phones back then. One missed week without a letter from the family or friends would leave me in misery. Those were the days there were no mobiles phones and no easily accessible to long-distance calling. This used to be the case with all my colleagues. We all looked forward eagerly for these letters. At times, it used to be rejoicing moment looking at the happiness others share from the letters from their home.

Pigeonhole was the most important inclusion in our lives. Our eyes would invariably look at the hole that is marked with the first letter of our names. It is a secret activity everyone does. If we find one letter in it, our legs will invariably walk towards the pigeonhole in search of our name on the letter.

Now, back from the past to this moment of staring at the Red Box. I stood there and kept wondering and was motionless and not even feeling like moving away from this red box that just now swallowed my emotion and the precious message I had written to my good old friend. It was a strange feeling. I felt a sense of loss as the letter is lost in the heap of other letters.

I was still standing engrossed in some thoughts and then it dawned upon me as to why I was staring at this Red Box and what was I looking for. I was searching for a “SEND” button in the box. What? A post box having a send button. It was weird to search for the ‘send’ button in a post box. Our mind has adopted so much to the new way of sending emails with the advancement in technology. A click does the magic of instantly reaching the recipient. At the same time, it steals the magical moment of waiting for the letter to reach the recipient and waiting for the reply. Now, its all instant and yet we miss those moments.

I reminded myself that there is no ‘send’ button fixed on the post box. I could not stop my mind from travelling back in time. Soon, this adorable Red Box will be extinct and permanently removed from our life.

The good old RED BOX will live forever in our memory.

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