Why Corporates Must Consider Hiring a Military Veteran for Various Roles?


Majority of Defence veterans do not possess a regular degree as most of them had joined the armed forces immediately after completing their intermediate. There are a very few exceptions of branches and trades that require formal graduation as an entry point to the Defence Services. That forms a very minority group and the people in the non-graduate category fall in the majority category.

Most corporate in the today’s competitive world has made graduation as the minimum qualification for considering a person for employment. This forms a major setback for those people who sacrificed their precious youth days towards the service of nation. However, they all have put through continuous learning process and eventually they possess every quality that a company is looking in a graduate. Hence, corporate must now start considering employing veterans without a college degree.

They neither lose anything, nor they need to comprise on quality. They will find the same professional execution in these veterans. In fact, they get a ready-made well-trained employee who can start delivering with a few weeks of employment. In the cases of veterans, they can consider the Defence experience alone and give an exception of the compulsory graduation. This small change in the policy will certainly go a long way in terms of not only helping a veteran to find a second career and this deed by corporate will form as a token of gratitude towards all the soldiers who spend long years in safeguarding the nation. Veterans can give their best of experience and knowledge to whatever job profile the are considered. Hence, corporate must consider hiring them for all job roles and not restricting to administration or security roles.

Let us take a deeper look into what exactly a corporate is looking in a fresh graduate for considering them for employment:

• Basic subject knowledge

• Ability to work in a team

• Being dynamic to adapt to changes

• Being innovative

• Collaborating and cooperating with peers and supervisors

• Self-motivated

• Self-management

• Adhering to timelines

• Excellence in execution

• Consistency in performance

• Result-oriented

• Being creative

• Character

Many a times they don’t find a candidate with all the above qualities. The make the selection of candidate based on their college education and eventually invest a lot of money and time to train these employees in all other areas the employee lack experience. They do all these only to realise that the employee who became an expert is now moved to another company who paid a slightly higher salary. They tend to lose good employees eventually to their competition.

In the case of a military veteran, everyone with no exception comes with all the qualities enumerated above. Hence, it becomes an easy pic for the employer, if only they choose to give exception to college graduation as an entry barrier. The longevity of veterans is much longer compared to a fresh graduate.

The armed forces personnel receive a high standard of skill-based training from the very first day they join the armed forces, and this is a continuous process till they hang their uniforms.

Here are some of the traits and skills that corporates are looking in candidate and which by itself is scarce in terms of availability:

• Importance of teamwork

• Importance of social values

• Respect the hierarchy of organisational structure

• Take ownership for performance and the expected outcome

• Adapt to changing environment and shift in priorities

• Own responsibility for their decisions

• Possess a strong analytical and reasoning skills

There is a disparity of above qualities in terms of demand and supply in the corporate job market. The veterans are the instant solutions to fil these deficiencies. Just not the above qualities. The veterans naturally bring with them the below mentioned assets along with him that is engraved deep inside his or her character:

• Loyalty

• Discipline

• Punctuality

• Hardworking

• Resilience

With these, I see corporate can only gain from such expertise. Hire a veteran once. He or she will ensure your company growth for ever. A soldier always puts the nation’s interest above his self-interest and is always selfless. Now this most valuable quality is available for you. Then why is the delay? Go after the veterans for a better growth of company and a stronger nation!

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  1. Ramalingam..A lovely concept u worked out.!!!.I like this idea.Its really fantastic.There are various portals catering to civilian s but not exclusive to our Veterans.These days Good companies try to recruit veterans.There are lacs of veterans who come out very qualified too.During our times when we were out although qualified there were very few companies who wanted to recruit veterans,poabably due to less awareness about their talents.But, now I presume there are more aware.I think a social networking company could take up this job.lets hope for the best .ĺet this b an opportunity to our brother Veterans who would like to take up jobs after leaving service..well scripted Ranalingam.You are awesome..!!!

  2. Avatar for Ganesh Ramalingam Venkataramanan : June 20, 2020 at 4:28 pm

    Nicely scripted Ganesh. Appreciate your crisp guidance that will go a long way for those in need.

  3. Avatar for Ganesh Ramalingam S Neelakantan : June 28, 2020 at 4:13 pm

    Very nicely presented Ganesh. I will put the nous on Corporate and the Government in providing a decent start to the veteran. In US the government gives incentive to the company hiring veterans. The salary paid to the veteran by the company is exempt from tax.It can be tried here too. It will be win-win situation for corporate, government and veteran. I wonder why none of the veteran organisation has taken up resettlement of veterans in their agenda. They just talk about tension, CSD, ECHS etc. Instead giving fish teach him fishing. It will solve all the problems.

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