Why Many Veterans from the Armed Forces are Impatient and Short-Tempered?


A person who has served in the Armed Forces possess a deep sense of social values. These values are ingrained deep into their cells during his /her service to the nation. He/she is also a privileged member of the society and are the privileged one to serve the mother country at difficult terrains and environments.

Values such as punctuality, discipline, respectfulness, alertness are indispensable qualities for a soldier and non-adherence to these aspects are unacceptable in the life of a warrior. There are approximately 256 primary social values that many scholars have collated during their lifetimes. These are the values an individual must possess to be live a greater life. Unfortunately, many people do not possess these social values. At times, it is much unfortunate that they attach a solider to a very few values and tag them to be stereotypical and rigid especially when it comes to discipline, punctuality, managing time, etc. 

If you see from a different point of view their branding of a soldier as rigid is justified to some extent. This is mainly attributed to most veterans who have overused these values. The warriors who spent a significant part of their life in the military tend to overuse these values. Eventually, this has become the identity of a Defence Servicemen and women. The excessive practice of these wonderful qualities will only alienate people and that could lead to an identity crisis of a veteran. We have seen some videos recently depicting the agony the veterans go through. Such an act of sympathy will only justify the agony and further become a hindrance in transformation. I prefer to elevate such warriors rather than sympathising them and denying an opportunity to blend into the mainstream society. 

All said and done, there are much more values that one attribute to a soldier. However, the soldier is unaware of these and carries frustrated thoughts about society. Here are a few values that a soldier can identify himself/herself with :

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Image Extracted from the book “Eagles Are Born to Fly High”

A military veteran’s effort must be to put all these values into action in an appropriate proportion. 

There is a high possibility to end up in a complicated situation when they overuse these values. To state a few examples of excessive use of values, let us first consider the value of punctuality :

  1. Over the years, you have experienced the greatness of being punctual. Punctuality indicates your commitment to execute and the respect for the person whom you are about to meet. You appreciate the value of time. Be it any occasion – work, party, leisure, or sports; adherence of punctuality forms a noncompromising value for you. While you respect others time, you expect others to reciprocate. Being on time is a fantastic value that is ingrained in your every cell. Arriving late is disrespectful and a waste of others valuable time. For you, being on time, every time is a non-negotiable value. On the other end, there is a flip side to it. Due to your love for punctuality, many colleagues, associates, acquaintances, etc., will hesitate to commit time to you. They generally would avoid meeting you in a fear of facing the wrath of reaching late. There are many better ways to deal with such a situation other than admonishing someone. Admonishment is futile. It will only leave bitterness in the relationship and alienate people from you. There is a better and easier way is to inform the other person in advance that you are about to start from your place to meet him or her. Also, allow them to postpone the meeting, in case they are not ready yet. This way you can save your time and get the other person committed to the meeting and arrive on time.
  1. Let us now talk about discipline. Not many people are aware that discipline in life helps in accomplishing your dreams easily and effortlessly. This value is seldom followed. Being disciplined helps in predicting tasks and results. Discipline is the most powerful of all the values. When it comes to this value, you could go to an extent to brand a person with no discipline as unreliable. Instead, you could subtly get them to the path of discipline by politely setting expectations. 
  1. Cleanliness and orderliness are other indispensable values in your life. Following orderliness helps in completing tasks ahead of the deadline. It is now proven that multitasking is a myth and it only creates chaos. Performing a task in an orderly manner helps predict a timeline. You are indeed a living inspiration for this. Cleanliness is equal to godliness. Filthy and untidiness is disgusting to you. In your view, the identity of a healthy nation lies in the law-abiding capability of the citizen. Life is heavenly and serene when all habitats of the country abide by law, rules, and regulations. In your opinion, those who neglect law and order are anti-social elements.

You possess many more social values. You as a person with such wonderful values is the most eligible person to transform the nation and the world. You were once a warrior who saved the country. Today, you can grow the country in many other ways, such as economic, social, cultural, political, financial and many other areas. All you need is channelize your values, upscale your skills. With all these qualities you are not too far away from being successful in your second career. Now, let us look at a few more steps that will take you closer to success.

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