Zero The Hero


Me : I am unhappy and disappointed. My hard work does not result in success.

God : Your hard work is nothing but a zero.

Me : Please God! Don’t hurt me. I work harder everyday to achieve my goals. I still don’t see success anywhere nearby.

God : You work harder? Well! That is still counted as a zero.

Me : But God, I was taught that hard work and dedication is the key to success.

God : Your hard wok is a zero and your dedication is a zero too.

Me : God! Please have mercy on me. I hop you will at least agree to this – Success is nothing but 90% perspiration and 10% luck.

God : Perspiration and luck? These too are a zero

Me : So you mean all I learned are false. I beg you. Will you also deny this – Your attitude will take you to altitude.

God : Your attitude. [ponders] Yes. That too is a zero.

Me : Now, I am confused. I don’t know what is right for me. I am losing all hopes. I am losing my confidence. I am losing trust on everything. Why do you do this to me? Do I not deserve success? Why do you punish me? WHY ME?

God : I have given you all the ability, so that you work had with more dedication.

Me : But, you said all these are just zeros.

God : Yes! These are zeros. You keep adding these zeros to your life every moment and every day. Some day, I will place ‘1’ in front of your zeros. Your success will lie in the number of zeros you have added to your life. So, stop worrying about ‘SUCCESS’ now. I, anyway will give you that. Get up! Start adding zeros. Greater zeros gets you better!

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